Saturday, 23 September 2017

Stamperija's series of rare birds issues

Stamperija is publishing details of issues bearing the BirdPex8 logo featuring rare birds of some of its client nations. While I have abandoned listing Stamperija's output, this series is a commendable initiative, and is sure to result in the appearance of species of bird that have never previously appeared on stamps.

I will list here, in no particular order, those that I have found so far. The format is the familiar sheet of 4 stamps and a souvenir sheet.

Djibouti: Image listed as
Dendropicos namaquus; Phoeniculus somaliensis; Caprimulgus stellatus; Trachyphonus darnaudii (Unfortunately, none of these four species is listed as occurring in Djibouti)
and SS Tricholaema melanocephala.

Guinea:(20/6/2017) Image listed as
Megabyas flammulatus; Tchagra minutus; Rhaphidura sabini; Laniarius turatii
and SS Dryoscopus sabini

Sierra Leone:(30/6/2017) Image listed as
Prodotiscus insignis; Gymnobucco peli; Tockus hartlaubi; Telacanthura melanopygia
and SS Himantornis haematopus

Solomon Is.:(21/8/2017) Image listed as
Ptilinopus eugeniae; Columba pallidiceps, Gallicolumba beccarii; Ducula brenchleyi, Ducula brenchleyi; Micropsitta bruijnii. Unfortunately, for this last stamp, the designer has chosen this image of Red-necked Amazon (Amazona arausiaca).
and SS Puffinus heinrothi

Togo:(30/6/2017) Image listed as
Nigrita canicapillus; Estrilda troglodytes; Pytilia phoenicoptera; Nigrita luteifrons
and SS Vidua togoensis