Wednesday, 16 January 2019

More coming from PCi!

I noticed some new sales on Delcampe from a seller in Russia featuring birds of prey with the names of territories which are clients of PCi. These items are not on PCi's website, so I checked with the company.

Apparently, they are official issues and will be in the next new issue bulletin shortly.  While they are official and releases at the post offices did take place PCi were surprised to see them on the market already.

I will await better images on PCi's website before listing them.

Intriguingly and worryingly, PCi also informed me that this issue is expected to be part of a larger collection of “birds of the world” that is expected to be ongoing.

Update As these are all shown on PCi's website, I have listed them, but if the future "birds of the world" series appears, I may ignore them like I do for Stamperija's output.